King Therapy Solutions

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Board certified and state licensed pediatric occupational therapist providing in-home services based on your child’s individual needs

What We Do


We help to improve your child’s handwriting legibility by addressing skill areas including fine motor control, postural strength, and visual perceptual skills.

Social Skills and Self Regulation

We focus on building social skills and self regulation skills to improve participation in social settings and school environments.

Daily Life Skills

We address daily life skills including feeding and toileting with a family centered approach in a child’s natural environment.

Executive Functioning

We address foundational executive functioning skills including organization, problem solving, attention, and time management to improve performance in home and school settings.

Gross Motor Strength

We work on gross motor coordination and strengthening to improve participation in daily life skills.

Fine Motor Coordination

We improve fine motor coordination including pinching, reaching, and grasping to increase participation in daily life tasks such as using utensils for feeding and handwriting.