King Therapy Solutions

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Board certified and state licensed pediatric occupational therapist providing mobile services based on your child’s individual needs

Skill Areas Addressed


Handwriting legibility is addressed including underlying fine motor control, postural strength, and visual perceptual skills. Various teaching curriculums and supports are implemented as needed to improve sizing, spacing, orientation, and letter formation.

Self Regulation

Various curriculums and supports are implemented to give children the tools to participate in the varying expectations of their home and school environments.

Daily Life Skills

Underlying skills needed for self care tasks are addressed with a client-centered approach in a child’s natural environment. Specialty areas including feeding and toileting.

Cognitive Skills

Foundational executive functioning skills including organization, problem solving, attention, and time management are addressed with various frameworks and tools to improve performance in the home and school settings.

Gross Motor Skills

Activities to improve gross motor skills including bilateral coordination, core strengthening, and postural stability are implemented to improve participation in daily tasks.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor dexterity, coordination, and strength are necessary for various daily life tasks such as handwriting, dressing, and self feeding. Grasping, reaching, and pinching are examples of different fine motor patterns addressed.